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Justin Lee attends the University of Central Arkansas where he majors in Computer Science. Justin trains at 365 Fitness in Conway with trainer Mark Jenkins. His goals are to work on core stregth and gain muscle mass. Way to go Justin!

Welcome everyone! My name is Blair Wortsmith, and I am SO excited for the first edition of

Make Every Day Count! I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, and I am a junior at the University of Mississippi. Being physically active and properly fueling my body have been big priorities for me since I was very young. My mom was an elementary P.E. and Health teacher, and both of my parents modeled the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. However, as I got older, I realized not everyone was this fortunate. I began competing in pageants when I was in high school and had the opportunity to promote a personal platform, and I knew that the childhood obesity epidemic was something I was passionate about helping our nation overcome. That led to the creation of Be Proactive, Get Active! Throughout my time competing as a teen, I was able to serve as a Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador for the NFL and National Dairy Council. My senior year of high school I was invited on as one of the founding members of the Get Fit Arkansas! Fitness Council, and I have loved every minute of it!

I am a Banking and Finance major at Ole Miss, and I have the great opportunity to promote another platform, Guiding Youth to Financial Freedom. The majority of young people are not being equipped with the basic financial skills they need to succeed, and I love helping combat the financial illiteracy problem that is plaguing out nation. I realize that people’s socioeconomic status as well as their spending habits can greatly affect how they eat and exercise. I can’t wait to continue sharing this important message as Miss Vicksburg 2018 on my journey to

Miss Mississippi!

This blog is a way for students to seek inspiration on their health journeys, provides a platform to discuss fitness with other young people, and to give readers a voice! I am really looking forward to using this column as a way to share more tips about affordable ways to eat nutritiously and exercise on a budget, discuss how health is so much more than an outer appearance, share events coming up that might be of interest to readers, answer any questions and show you all how you can Make Every Day Count! I encourage you to follow along- it is going to be lots of fun! 

Make Every Day Count! with Blair Wortsmith



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What do you recommend as some affordable breakfast options when trying to lose weight?
-It is 100% true when they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is not the one you should make big calorie cuts on when looking to lose weight! The biggest priority for me is making sure I have both carbs and protein in the morning. A super easy option that I love is a toasted English muffin with grape jelly and a poached egg on it that I cook in the microwave! Other days I enjoy eggs, turkey sausage, and Greek yogurt. I could eat pastries for days and donuts truly are my weakness, but these are not practical options for me to fuel my body each day! Don't deprive yourself of a good treat, but make sure it is indeed a treat not a regular menu item! 


What are your top suggestions for machines to use at the gym when losing weight?
-My two favorite machines are the treadmill and the rower! I love interval training on the treads (mixing my paces with differing focuses on endurance, strength and power). The rower is a super underrated machine that is great cardio that is easier on joints. I highly recommend utilizing both of these! 


Are there any vitamin supplements you think should be an essential part of a good daily health routine?
-I think this varies per person. You can't go wrong with a generic vitamin for men's or women's health, but besides that it is important to know and listen to your body. I'd recommend checking with your physician to see if there is anything you personally need. Many of the things our bodies are deprived of can be found in foods we aren't eating enough of instead of in a vitamin! I like Biotin a lot for strong hair and nails. I also try to take Vitamin C regularly for a strengthened immune system because I live in such close community with people in college! 


What's the best way for a student to stay motivated for the gym while dealing with work and school?
-It is ALL about perspective. If you view going to the gym as something you "have to" or "need to" do, you will realize very quickly that you will be reluctant to get there. Exercise for me is a stress reliever, a tool to socialize, a brain break, an outlet to challenge myself, and a way to take care of my body. You won't get yourself to the gym through shame or guilt; however, you will proudly and energetically walk in when you do it for a better you! 

Staying fit can be very expensive for students, so what tips do you have for someone trying to work a healthy lifestyle into a tight budget?
-This is an awesome question! The first part of this that I would like to address is the budget part. Although most students can agree they are indeed on a "tight budget," they probably haven't actually made a budget for themselves! The value in looking ahead at your week/month/semester/year and allocating out your funds to certain things that you find valuable in life is of utmost importance. If you want more tips on how to do this, let me know! Once you have determined how much you can invest in your physical activity, hop on Google and see what nearby options fall in your price range. I am a huge fan of group fitness; it is less expensive and an effective way to be motivated by your peers! 

What should a beginner look for to know which gym is right for them?
-The first decision to make is what you are looking for from your gym experience. That could be weight loss, muscle tone, endurance building, etc. Some people love loud music and highly involved trainers while others enjoy a quieter environment that is more meditation driven. Once you have your goals in mind and the atmosphere you are looking for, you can go from there. Read reviews online, ask friends what they think, and even reach out to the gym to see if your goals aline! The bulk of my exercise is at Orangetheory Fitness- I love it!


Justin and Morgan, University of Central Arkansas