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Stephanie Rofkahr


Featured in Good Afternoon Arkansas, SUAVV magazine, Dfyne Magazine and Nutrishopusa as a nutrition blogger.


Let me introduce myself as my real name, Stephanie Rofkahr, but I am also referred to as “fit.four.five.” I find it so funny when people or even kids come up to me and say “you are the fit.four.five lady; my mom does your workouts!"


I offer Online 6-week App training for Home or Gym, Diastatis Recti coaching and Nutrition coaching! My physical spots stay filled and hardly ever open up but I do In-house training on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

How my name came about! After being a stay at home mom for 15 years and asking my teenage daughters what my Instagram handle should be as I was launching my business! Both their eyes got big and said “please don’t use your real name - we don’t want any of our friends following you.” I always say “have yourself some children and they will always keep you humble.”


So after going back and forth with different name ideas, we as a family came up with fit.four.five! I was 45 years old, it takes 45 minutes for a good workout (get in the gym and get to work - no talking needed), 6 weeks (about 45 days) to start seeing results! 


I’m so glad I listened to my kids and didn’t end up with my given name and that they branded me fit.four.five! It has now turned into a family business and my husband works with me, my girls help with social media and makeup when needed, and you will find my son behind the camera videoing me!

Nutrition Certified
NASM Personal Trainer

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