Mark Jenkins, CPFT

Founder & PersonalTrainer
Get Fit Arkansas



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Mark originally found his passion for working out and physical fitness while he was a student at UALR.


"It's kind of funny how I first got started. I remember a parking spot on campus was very hard to come by, and then you had to walk a mile it seemed, toting your backpack full of books, just to get to class. There was a Nautilus Plus gym right across the street however. So for about $20 a month for a good parking spot and a gym membership it was well worth it! I would work out either before or after classes, or if I had a break in between. They even had an indoor pool and sauna."


Today, Mark is committed to helping others enjoy the benefits of physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. While trained to help all ages from children to older adults, he has a particular passion to help those in their middle ages who are struggling to balance family and work life, and feel they are "losing the battle" when it comes to finding time to exercise and eat right.


"I don't think there have ever been more time demands placed on both men and women than there are right now. Most of us spend hours and hours every day sitting in an office chained to a computer. After work, you're exhausted, and there's always something extra to do. It's seems endless. It's very stressful and frustrating to see your waistline expanding, you know you're not eating right, and you feel helpless to do anything about it. We've all been there. When I was researching exactly which certification to pursue, my main criteria was to find one that not only focused on fitness training, but also placed a major emphasis on nutrition. The two go hand in hand. You can't focus on one without the other and expect to see lasting results. I'm proud to be part of something that is changing lives for the better."


Mark holds an Advanced Personal Trainer Certification from FiTour. He also has a BBA degree in Business Administration from UALR and is a member of both the UALR and Alpha Kappa Psi Alumni Associations. Mark is also an active board member of the UALR Tip-In Club. He also completed additional marketing and fitness courses at Louisiana State University while training at the Baton Rouge Athletic Club for over two years. Mark is a proud graduate of Little Rock Central High and is a member of the LRCH Tiger Alumni Association.