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FBC Fitness Center – Power On!



If you’re looking for a gym or fitness center in the Hot Springs area, make sure to visit the FBC Fitness Center before joining anywhere else. Located on 2350 Central Avenue, it adjoins and is part of First Baptist Church. However, you don’t have to be a member of the church to join the fitness center, although we’re sure they’d welcome you there too!


From someone who has visited many fitness centers, this is truly one of the best facilities in the entire state. The moment you walk in the door you’ll find a fun upbeat atmosphere filled with “before and after” videos, posters, testimonials, contests, and “success photos” posted everywhere. Talk about immediate motivation and knowing you’re in the right place to reach your goals!


After a walk thru the lobby, you’ll find a full size professional basketball court with several goals. So if you’re into shooting hoops, this is something you’re probably not going to find anywhere else. Surrounding the court, you’ll find rooms filled with group activities such as Pilates, Zumba, Spin classes, Stretching, Core & More, and Boot Camp. There are several others and classes are available for different fitness levels.


If you’re a walker or runner you’ll absolutely love the upstairs track that overlooks the basketball court. And if you’re a horse racing fan, you can stop at the window every few laps and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the horses as they come around the final turn at Oaklawn!


One of the things that makes this fitness center truly unique is it’s not set up like your ordinary gym. As you go around the track upstairs, there are free weights, cardio, weight machines … you name it … set up strategically around the track. There’s even a “Jacob’s Ladder” machine that will flat wear you out with some cardio. There’s also a rowing machine unlike you will find elsewhere. To have this type of quality equipment combined with a track all in one place is second to none.


If you’re looking for group instruction, or even personal training, this is definitely the center to go to. According to FBC fitness center director Amy Johnson, herself a trainer and an accomplished athlete, “We have over 40 weekly fitness classes and 16 certified staff and personal trainers, so there’s something here for everyone. We even have fitness contests going on between members and staff, and a lot of times the members are winning!”


Amy and her husband AJ, who is also a certified trainer, lead the Sunrise Cycle classes in what is truly a state of the art Spin room complete with audio visual equipment to make your ride both beneficial and enjoyable at the same time. Both Amy and AJ are world class tri-athletes who travel extensively competing, so they really know what they’re doing. Where else are you going to find that kind of instruction?


There’s also plenty going on for seniors at FBC. The center is Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit certified, offering 9 weekly Senior Fitness classes. They even have personal trainers that specialize in helping in this area.


For those with young ones, you will certainly appreciate the commitment this center has made to emphasize the importance of fitness for children. They take “family friendly” to a whole new level. There are 5 weekly Kids Fitness classes offered including Active Kids, FIT Kids, Kids Circuit, and Kids WAR. There’s even childcare, complete with childhood teachers, available for younger children so parents can get their workout in and know that their children are safe, learning, and having fun.


If you find yourself a “little tight” or if you’ve tweaked a muscle while working out, there’s even an onsite Physical Therapist available to help get you going again.


Without a doubt, if this fitness center was in my hometown, I would join it in a heartbeat. It’s professionally managed and has very reasonable rates. These are truly great people and they are all there to help you get into shape, both physically and spiritually. There’s plenty of parking, and it’s nestled in a beautiful and convenient area. Open Monday thru Friday at 6 am, and closing at various times thru-out the week from 5:30 to 7:30, and 4:30 on Fridays, there’s absolutely no reason not to give this facility a visit.


Additional information can be obtained at www.FBCrecreation.com, or by e-mail at FBCfitness@yahoo.com.  You may also call for more info at 501-624-3345.