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Monthly Mash-Up with Michelle

Tuesdays @ 8:30am

Zumba with Grace is BACK 
Thursdays @ 6:30pm

Cycle Sculpt with Kate/Steve
Fridays @ 8:30am
This class utilizes the spin bikes for Cardio and WAR for strength!

ITU World Triathlon Grand Final World Championship was held in Chicago September 14-19. AJ was 8th American and 41st in the world rankings for the Aquathlon (Swim/Run). Amy was 15th American and 26th in world rankings for the Triathlon (swim, bike, run).

October 31st, 2015

7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Phone: 501.623.2505 
Email: katie.yamauchi@unitedway.org
Event Fee $30


To Register and for more information, check out our website:


With Steve Nelson
Mondays 4:30pm