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Amy Johnson

Jennifer Ruettiger

Shelly Clopper

Belinda Pack

Congrats Jennifer!

Nominated for National Trainer of the Year and featured in

501 Life magazine, Cabot's Jennifer Ruettiger continues to show why she's considered one of the premier trainers in the state!    READ MORE ...


Promoting Fitness and Fighting Obesity One Community at a Time!

Two people you don't want to get in a race with  .. AJ & Amy Johnson of FBC Fitness in

Hot Springs!

GFA Fitness Council member Blair Wortsmith takes time out of her busy schedule to attend an LSU-Ole Miss football game this past season in Oxford, MS. Shown here with Tim Tebow, Florida Gator football great and Heisman Trophy winner.  
Kameelah Harris
Many Trainers Now Offering Virtual Classes!