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Doing it Right in Little Rock!


Summer went out with a bang at the Statehouse Convention Center when promoters Chad Nicholls and Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls brought the Arkansas State Championships to town the first weekend of August. The NPC sanctioned event is a national qualifier that attracted the very best contestants from across the state and beyond who competed in multiple categories including bodybuilding, physique, fitness, figure, and bikini.


Arriving in Little Rock on Thursday, the husband and wife team from Springfield, MO worked tirelessly all three days until the judging was over and awards were presented during the Finals on Saturday evening. The promotional team didn’t disappoint with the hardware either, bringing a trunk load of iron swords for “top 5” finishers in every category, and an impressive cast-iron “Eagle” award for first-place and all-around winners.


The event also featured a special guest, IFBB Pro Hidetada Yamagishi, who wowed the crowd with an awesome posing routine, and then graciously visited with fans until after the show ended. 


The level of competition was especially strong across all classifications and age groups. The pre-judging portion of the event started Saturday morning at 10:00 and lasted well into the afternoon. The contestants were then able to catch a few hours of much needed rest in their hotel rooms before returning for the main event that evening.


According to Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls, “We’ve had really great response and support from the entire city and state. The talent level here is really high. This place is going to be packed tonight. It’s going to be really competitive.”


Indeed it was. The moment we arrived, Chad Nicholls presented myself, and Stacy White, a fellow personal trainer from Conway, with all-access passes and VIP seating that allowed us to enjoy the event from every perspective. The huge convention hall, lined with fitness sponsors ranging from apparel to supplement companies, filled up to capacity.


It was certainly evident that this team really knew what they were doing when it came to putting on and running what was a great, organized show.  According to Kim, “We’ve been promoting events since the early 90’s, even while we were both competitive bodybuilders.” Kim, who is formerly a Ms. International, and multiple-year Ms. Olympia winner, is also remembered for her role in the movie The Cell, in which she starred alongside Jennifer Lopez. Chad, also an accomplished trainer and bodybuilder, is widely known for his training and nutritional expertise.


The duo have another big event coming up on October 4th at the St. Charles Convention Center in St. Charles, MO, where they will be presenting Pink MUSCLE FEST, a special NPC event that will benefit breast cancer awareness & research. For more information or to sign up for the event, please visit:



If you missed the competition this year, make sure to go ahead and mark your calendars for next year on Saturday, August 1, for the 2015 Arkansas State Championships, to be held again at the Statehouse Convention Center. If you are into fitness, this has become a must-see annual event. Get out and support some of our state’s best athletes!


Article written by Mark Jenkins. Photos by Mark Jenkins and Stacy White.  All rights reserved.