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Jennifer Ruettiger and Jamie Anderson do planks together at Prevail Family Fitness.

Jamie Anderson of Cabot began an inspiring fitness journey last year and hasn’t looked back since. 

At his heaviest weight of 618 pounds, Anderson felt hopeless and was battling depression.


“I was feeling the repercussions mentally and physically,” Anderson said. “I would sleep a lot and had very little energy. I napped all day sometimes and I was depressed.” 


Anderson struggled for years to maintain a steady weight and had little self control when it came to his addiction to food. “For six years, I would lose a little weight, then I would gain it all back,” said Anderson.


“It was a vicious cycle. On June 27 last year, I got serious about living a healthier lifestyle. Our country doesn’t seem to talk much about the seriousness of food addiction, like they talk about alcohol or drug addiction.”


Anderson was encouraged by his friend, Amy Thiele, to begin working with Jennifer Ruettiger, a personal trainer at Prevail Fitness in Cabot. Thiele had trained with Ruettiger herself. She knew from her experience that a reputable personal trainer, such as Ruettiger, would have the knowledge and skills to assist Anderson in kick starting his fitness journey.


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